Here Come the 1st Windows 8 Reviews

Soon you will have the option of upgrading to the newest version of Windows, and if you choose to do so, it will be a wholly different experience.  And if you buy a new PC device in the coming months, you likely won’t be given the choice.  Windows 8 is here.

The first reviews are starting to come in and the general consensus is that what Microsoft has done here is futuristic and interesting but because it is so touch based it is also confusing and ultimately not exactly a winning OS.  Watching a few of the review videos I personally think the idea of reaching across my desk to touch the screen to do all of my work is something that will take a lot of getting used to and just looking at the layout without knowing anything about it, it looks really confusing.

Touch interface in a device I am holding, versus one sitting on my desk are two different things.  Probably because we’ve spent our entire computing existence interacting with a desktop via peripherals.  Doing all of this via touch is just something I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around.  I guess I will have to try it myself.  And yes, I realize that you can still do all of these functions with a peripheral, but I’d think since that isn’t how it was intended, that would be a lessor experience.

From Gizmodo, here’s an interesting quote:  “Using Windows 8 is pleasant, especially if you don’t have to do anything in a particular hurry. It’s a totally new way of thinking about how you want to operate in a desktop OS—and maybe not entirely in the way you think. But it also seems like a rough draft of a deeply interesting idea.”

Here’s a list of reviews from people that have actually spent time with it.  Judge for yourself.

Here’s a video review from CNET

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