Video Game Armed Robbery

Humza Bajwa, 19, of Massachusetts (pictured), is facing 15 years in jail after holding a BB gun to the head of a fellow video game player in an attempt to steal video game money.  Yes, not real money.  “Magic Coins”.

RuneScape is a fantasy based video game played by lots of people who all desperately want to collect the coins in the game.  The coins are commonly sold between players for actual currency and last week Jonathon Dokler was going to sell 5 billion RuneScape coins for $3,300.  A meeting was set and when it was time to hand over the real cash, Dokler got suspicious because the bills looked fake. At this point the meeting was called off, and a 2nd was set, and it was hear the robbery took place.

When it seemed that Bajwa was again attempting to pass off fake $100 bills in exchange for an electronic exchange of fake video game money, he pulled out a BB handgun, held it to the head of Dokler and instructed him to call his friend, tell him the deal was done and have the electronic transfer completed.  Dokler did as instructed,  “I was like, ‘Holy crap!’ I was so afraid,” Emani said. The student said his voice was cracking as he delivered the message.  I kept saying, ‘Hurry up, let’s go, man,’ to John. This guy was holding a gun against my head. I wanted to be finished!”

After going to police Bajwa was arrested and charged with second-degree robbery and grand larceny and posted $20,000 bail.