The Opposite of an Apology

23 year old Megan Merkel really knows how to win friends and influence people.  After allegedly driving drunk, running over a local high school biology teacher – killing her – and fleeing the scene, Merkel then posted to her Facebook page a foulmouthed rant targeting anyone that questioned her version of events.

At 7:45am Merkel was speeding along side her boyfriend who was on a motorcycle and performing tricks down a small two-lane upstate NY road.  The boyfriend, Mark Scerbo, passed Merkel and attempted a wheelie but ended up hitting 40 year old Heather Boyum, a teacher riding her bike on the side of the same road, throwing her to the road where Merkel’s truck then ran over her body.  Scerbo was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, Boyum died at the scene and Merkel was arrested and charged with DWI and later released.  Police report that additional charges are possible.

It was then she decided that she’d had enough of people badmouthing and blaming her for the incident and posted the following on her timeline.