Star Trek: NG On Awesome BluRay

Over the summer the wife and I have been watching for the first time Battlestar Galactica on BluRay and it reminded me how much I love a good space drama.  You know I’ve touted the greatness of the far under-watched “Firefly“, but in watching BG I am far more reminded of another favorite, Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Now you can get Season One on BluRay, and that’s a big deal.

Not only is the show now on BluRay, but the process to get it there is truly impressive.  The show was shot on 35mm and that film has been remastered and digitally transferred at 2K, the audio has been remastered for 7.1 surround and the special effects have been recreated using current technology.  What does that mean to you?  That this will look and sound fantastic.  Seriously, some big love and money has been spent to bring this to the fans in HD, and at videophile quality.

You can buy Season One today.