What Happens When You Go To A Bar With 40lbs of Mercury

The small town of Armstrong, Iowa had an emergency scare as more than a dozen people are having to be looked after by medical officials for mercury poising after a man brought a 40lb plastic jar of it to a local bar.

The man found the stash of the poisonous element while remodeling a home, he then took it to the bar to show off to friends.  But while the plastic jar sat on atop the bar, someone knocked it off and it fell to the floor, spilling about half of the 40lbs.  The owner tried to clean up the slippery mess with a broom and vacuum. The employees then took the remaining mercury in a bottle and then put the bottle in what was thought to be a safe hiding place.

It wasn’t so safe because four children under the age of 10 found the bottle and began to play with it in the sandbox it had been hidden.  One of the kids put his fingers in his mouth in an attempt to taste the mercury because he couldn’t pick it up.  Authorities found 25lbs of mercury in the sandbox.  Exposure to mercury can lead to kidney damage, respiratory failure and death!