Too Weird Even for Florida

A story involving a quasi-insestual love triangle, murder, decapitation and more all happened last week just south of Nashville, TN.  37 year old Henry Baxter (left) was arrested and charged with the murder of his adoptive father, Erman Thompson(right), 48.

Thompson’s body was found in one location and his head in another, in a trash can outside a home two blocks away from the torso’s location.  Baxter and Thompson got into an argument and police claim that Baxter shot Thompson with his own gun, in the head and put the body in a garbage can in the backyard.  The next day he took the body out, decapitated it with a shovel and put both parts back into the can.  It wasn’t until the following day he then moved the parts into separate locations where they were found by a mailman that had noticed the foul odor.

Tattoos on the body helped identify Thompson, along with his wife who is also the adoptive mother of Baxter.  Oddly, (but not the oddest part of this story) is that Baxter is a tattoo artists that inked the tattoos on Thompson.  The fight broke out in the home between the two men over Mrs. Thompson and the children in the home all of them lived together in.  Stick with me, here’s where it gets really weird.  The children, all are mothered by Mrs. Thompson, but by different fathers:  Erman Thompson, an unknown man, and one child who’s father reportedly is Henry Baxter – yes, the Thompson’s adopted son.

Baxter told police that he is the father of one of the kids, and the mother was not concerned with Baxter’s well being, “My kids no longer have a father,” she said. “How do you tell your children their dad is not coming back? I can’t do it. I haven’t found the words yet. I know I have it inside of me and it will happen.  Thank God for my friends giving me strength to deal with this. I won’t cry in front of my kids. I won’t show I am sad. [I hope] James Baxter rots in jail the rest of his life. I’m sorry, you don’t do that to someone you call dad.”

Baxter has been charged with criminal homicide and is in jail on $750,000 bond.


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