Thief Swallows Ring, Pawns It Later

38-year-old Angele Winters Hardman of Sandy, UT is in jail after admitting to stealing an engagement ring worth more than $4000 by swallowing it.

Hardman was at a local Macy’s jewelry department looking at the ring when she told the clerk she couldn’t get it off.  After failed attempts with lotion the clerk left to get something else only to return to Hardman claiming she was successful removing it and handed the clerk a ring.  As Hardman walked off the clerk immediately knew that what she had been handed was a fake. Security was called, and a report was filed, but the ring could not be found and she was allowed to leave the store.

Police were called and it was during their investigation that Hardman finally admitted she’d swallowed the ring and then went through the “natural digestive process” to then take and pawn the ring in another town.  She was charged with retail theft and the ring was recovered from the pawn shop, although it’s clear it can’t be resold – can it?