Almost The Greatest Escape. Ever.

Police in Brunswick, Maine were called out to a local disc golf course with reports of a naked man causing a disturbance.  Not only was he sans clothing, but he also was tipping over trash cans, messing with the disc goals as people were trying to play and he was also rolling around in the mud.

When police arrived they initially could not find the man, but they did find a backpack with clothing inside.  Search dogs were brought to the scene where they picked up the scent of the man and began to hunt for him.  He was eventually was found, most disturbingly (but you have to give him credit for the effort), inside and under a port-a-potty.  The man had climbed down into the waste area and was hiding out.  Authorities were eventually able to get him out and cuff him.  He was hosed down and taken to a nearby hospital.

via Bangor Daily News