A Most Bizarre Moment in Self Gratification

…and it Happened in Florida.

Robert Casey has an extreme fetish, and an obvious need to satisfy it no matter where he is.

Casey was arrested last week after a tow truck driver spotted him in his Jeep Cherokee naked and masturbating.  But that alone doesn’t tell the story.

The tow truck driver called Casey into police, describing him as, “”buck naked white male” who was “beating off” while driving”.   When police eventually caught him on Interstate 95, he was taken into custody where he was found to be in an odd state.  A toy gun was tied to the upper part of his leg with part of it inserted his rectum.  Another part of the device was bound to his genitals.  When asked about it, he told police that he “has problems with this and is getting therapy”.

Casey is charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.