Hiring A Hit On A Hitman

Bob Bashara has been charged with solicitation of murder, but that hit would have been on a man accused of killing his wife and currently is in jail.

Bashara reportedly contacted two different people about killing Joesph Gentz, who is currently in jail where he is awaiting a July 23rd court date on the murder of Bashara’s wife, Jane.  Jane was strangled to death in her SUV back in January and Bashara himself has at times been a person of interest in her death after failing a polygraph.  He has never been formally charged in her murder.

Reports are that Gentz was hired by Bashara to kill his wife (for $2000 and an old Cadillac sedan) , and that Bashara was attempting to have Gentz killed to silence him.  Bashara claims he is being framed by someone else, and has his bail set at $15 million.  Bashara seems to have a history of violence, accused of harassing his former mistress and threatening to evict tenants in a building he owns.  Authorities believe that Bashara could easily hire another hit and that several witnesses against him may be in danger if he is allowed to leave jail before his court date.

Both Bashara and Gentz face up to life in prison for their accused crimes.


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