Teen Fantasy Comes True – Mom Ruins It

Monday afternoon Besty Ann Brashear, 24, of Barlesville, OK was charged with lewd acts with a minor under the age of 16 after she was caught in a gym’s tanning booth semi-nude and kissing a teenaged boy.

The boy was at the gym with his mother who had spotted Brashear “flirting” with her son and asked that others keep an eye on the pair as she attended a class.  A man who was working out later alerted the mother that the boy had followed Brashear into the tanning booth.  The mother banged on the door of the booth and when it was open, Brashear was trying to hide inside but was found with only a sport bra on and the mother dragged her out into the room.

The boy’s version of events is that he was approached by Brashear to help spot her while she was lifting weights.  She then talked him into going into the tanning booth where she removed all of her clothes, minus the sports bra, and began to kiss him. That was when his mother interrupted.

Brashear insisted that there was nothing wrong with kissing the boy and denies that she’d taken off her clothes.  She was booked into jail, later released on $20,000 bond and told to not have any contact with anyone under the age of 18 that is not a family member.

via Newson6.com, NewsOK.com