The Olive Oil. The Sex. The Fight.

Say hello to Barbara Hall.  She is 60 and very much the cougar with her 45 year old beau.

Well, he was her beau.  Now they are ex-lovers torn apart by a sexual encounter that involved olive oil and a misunderstanding.

Hall and her boyfriend were in the throws of love making when she asked him to go to the kitchen to retrieve the olive oil to be used as a “sexual lubricant”.  As he returned she reportedly then asked him if he had also, “brought the Pam”.  She meant the cooking spray, he thought she was referring to a girl he knows named Pam and had a sexual past.  He then reminded her, in a very ‘Ross&Rachel’ way, that he only had had sex with Pam while they “were on a break”, and that was all it took for a fight to break out between the two.

Hall began by throwing a drink at him, then hitting him.  He punched her in the ribs and she threw the olive oil bottle at his head.

Hall was arrested on domestic battery charges, and yes, It Happened In Florida.