Justice: Pissed-Off Dad Style

A South Texas father killed the man he alleges seeing sexually assaulting his daughter on his property over the weekend.

The 47 year old man, who has not been identified, was beaten to death by the father of the four year old girl after the man had taken her away from the group of adults that were working in the families horse barn area.  While The man came to the property with other people and reportedly took the girl while she was feeding chickens.  Another child saw what happened and rushed to tell the other adults.  The father found the man molesting the girl, pulled him away and hit him several times in the head.  The man died on the scene.

Investigators told the AP that everything about the father’s story appears to be accurate and he hasn’t been arrested.  No charges are likely, but will go to a grand jury to ultimately decide if the father should stand trial.

The girl was treated, tested to see if she had been raped and was released to her parents.


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