The “I Own a Victoria’s Secret” Sex Scam

Gregory John Schaffer has one creative imagination.  The New Jersey man is in jail after being accused of using Craigslist to lure a teenaged girl in a “sex contract” and then raping her.

The girl had posted on the site that she needed a summer job.  Schaffer (peet: as seen in the pic from his Facebook page, and I’m guessing he’s not really in the Navy) responded, asked her to meet him for an interview claiming to be the owner of several Victoria’s Secret locations in the area.  Once he ‘hired’ her, he asked her to sign two documents, which she did without reading.  Schaffer told her that what she’d just signed was a “sex contract”.  He proceeded to tell her that she had to allow him to take naked pics of her, have sex with him and if she didn’t do what he told her to, he could legally have her grandmother jailed for breach of contract.

He then assaulted her.

Schaffer was arrested at his home where more pictures of naked young girls were found and police believe they too may have been victims of Schaffer’s scams.

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