Hey Kids, Stop Playing the “Ghost Game”

Midnight Monday in Poplar Bluff, MO, a group of teens in a Jeep were struck by a train while the vehicle sat on the train tracks as they played a game based on a ghost story.

The game originates from a post on the site strangeusa.com and involves the story of a train wreck in the early 1900’s.  The game involves sitting your car on the tracks, turning it off, shutting the windows and allowing them to fog up and then those inside will hear weird sounds like train whistles and the vibration of the tracks.  According to the site, “While sitting in the car you will hear something tap on your window and if [you’re] brave enough to look outside a woman will be standing there asking you where her baby is,” the post says. “And for the extremely brave, if you decide to get out of your car you will see a decapitated man in the ditch searching for his head.”

In the case of Monday nights incident, those sounds and vibrations were of an actual train headed for the Jeep with the teens inside.  Reports say that when the teens realized that an actual train was headed their way the driver could not get the Jeep to restart (peet:  insert Devil laugh).  Three teens were able to get out to safety, two couldn’t unbuckle their seat belts in time, and a another that did get out rushed back to the Jeep to try and help them escape.  The two inside Victoria Swanson, 15, and Haley Whitmer, 17, died at the scene – while the girl that ran back to help, Kaitlyn Fowler, 15, was seriously injured and hospitalized.



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