The Fight A Guy Could Never Win

Charles Talbert of Gastonia, NC took a pretty good beating when he and another customer got into an argument over groceries.

Its just that Charles was assaulted by a woman.  A woman in a wheelchair.  A woman in a wheelchair with a protestic leg.   A woman in a wheelchair with a protestic leg and a dialysis tube running out of her neck.  Really, what is a guy supposed to do?

Talbert was actually at home when a woman who he’d earlier had a confrontation with at a grocery store went to his home to argue more about groceries.  The argument turned ugly and Talbert claims she got out of her wheelchair and began to punch him in the face and chest.  She then took off her prosthestic leg and began to beat Talbert with it.  The woman herself was injured as others pulled her away from the scuffle when her dialysis tube was yanked from her neck.

There have been no charges filed, or further explanation as to what started the altercation.

via WSOC