Hiring A Hit On A Hitman

Bob Bashara has been charged with solicitation of murder, but that hit would have been on a man accused of killing his wife and currently is in jail.

Bashara reportedly contacted two different people about killing Joesph Gentz, who is currently in jail where he is awaiting a July 23rd court date on the murder of Bashara’s wife, Jane.  Jane was strangled to death in her SUV back in January and Bashara himself has at times been a person of interest in her death after failing a polygraph.  He has never been formally charged in her murder.

Reports are that Gentz was hired by Bashara to kill his wife (for $2000 and an old Cadillac sedan) , and that Bashara was attempting to have Gentz killed to silence him.  Bashara claims he is being framed by someone else, and has his bail set at $15 million.  Bashara seems to have a history of violence, accused of harassing his former mistress and threatening to evict tenants in a building he owns.  Authorities believe that Bashara could easily hire another hit and that several witnesses against him may be in danger if he is allowed to leave jail before his court date.

Both Bashara and Gentz face up to life in prison for their accused crimes.


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The Most Awful Putt-Putt Hole. Ever.

Putt-putt is supposed to be a fun time for the whole family, but at an Orlando, FL course one particular hole turned out to be deadly for an 11 year old girl.

Ashton Jojo and her family were visiting from New York and playing at the Orange Lake Resort when her ball went into a pond that also had a fountain water feature.  She was electrocuted when she got into the water and later died at a nearby hospital.

Authorities believe that the pond’s electrical pump was failing and not properly attached to the required circuit breaker (GFI) that would have shut off the pump upon sensing a short.  The pond was emptied and the course closed.  Another guest at the resort, Christopher Burges heard the girl scream and went to her aid and rescue her.  He too was injured as he tried to help her.


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Suicide Via Spoon

Robert Rodriguez, 29, had been arrested and jailed on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance and was in the Bexar County Jail in Texas.

This week Rodriguez was found unconscious and bleeding in his cell, and later died at a hospital.  The wounds were self inflicted from a plastic spoon he’d sharpened and then used to stab himself.  The man was not on suicide watch.  He originally was arrested on June 9th.

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Google Shows Its Glass, and More

It was like a scene from a Michael Bay movie, just without the explosions – wait, it wouldn’t be a Michael Bay movie then, would it – hipster extreme sport types jumping out of a plane and parachuting, and also in wingsuits, down to the convention center that Google was holding their big IO Conference presentation.  All of it was being streamed live via Google+ with the company’s leader,  Sergey Brin, wearing the device that they had shown off via video presentations just a few months earlier.

This, as in interruption of the conference, was Google showing off the promise of Google Glass – in real time.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Glass is a wearable device that looks like a pair of glasses, without lenses, that not only can video everything you see, but also project images into your line of site that you can interact with.  It’s all very Jetsons.

What was interesting from the conference isn’t that there looks to be a lot of working prototypes of the device, or the fact that as a prototype it is already incredibly small, or the fact that Google made the device available to attendees for $1500 (shipping Q1 2013) to assist in development, but that what we ended up being shown was a device that simply shot video.  We were not shown any of the interactive web access, or how the device can display to its user directions or other information.  No, there was none of the very cool Terminator-like graphical display that the previous video showed off.  What we got was maybe the most awesome GoPro Hero killer, ever.  Surely the device is capable of much more and in fact the a few media member were allowed to wear Brin’s pair and saw what was described in the LA Times as

“The titanium frames were lightweight and comfortable. They were in “demo mode” and just showed a video of fireworks. The image, which was above my right eye and above my normal line of sight, was quite small. As I moved my head, the video panned. If I cupped my right ear as Brin directed, the sound of the fireworks was amplified.  It wasn’t a true demo of the glasses. Brin clearly did not want the media to see his text messages or email. But had it been activated, I would have heard an alert when a high-priority email arrived in his inbox. I would then tilt my head up to see the message display.”

For anyone watching this and thinking, “how geeky do you look wearing that?” remember how weird brick sized cell phones, original bluetooth earpieces and jam boxes on a shoulder looked.  If the 1st gen is this small (reportedly weighs less than a normal pair of sunglasses) you can quickly see how in a couple of years Glass could end up almost invisible.  But, there was a sense that Google isn’t quite sure yet what the product is, or will be. Brin claims that he gets all of his email and voicemail via the device (although that was “deactivated” for the demo) and maybe that is part of the interesting decision to tell the people in attendance (largely developers) they could buy their own pair of Glass(es?) for $1500 and would have them them at the beginning of next year.  Google needs everyone smart to think about this product and figure out where it is headed.  Right now it’s very cool, but it really doesn’t do anything transformative.  Yet.

Google also showed off the new Nexus 7 tablet – aimed right at the Kindle Fire – with its new interface, connection to Google Play and a set of specs that really turn up the game.  It will be made by Asus for Google and sell for $200.

We also got a look at the next version of Android, 4.1, aka: Jelly Bean.  This really is more of a list of improvements than a major upgrade in the OS, but there was a nightly impressive demo of “Google Now” a true competitor to Apple’s Siri.

And then there was the very odd media box, er, ball, the Nexus Q.  A media hub in the shape and size of a softball, with glowing lights and a top half of the sphere that can rotate to control volume.  The idea is to compete against the Rokus, Apple TVs of the world, but with a built in amp and connects to all your Android devices to stream audio and video.  Oddly priced at $299.

And Google Events, a new party, occasions planner that works with Calendar and allows people to shot pictures and share them to the event’s invite which can be seen by anyone else that got the same invite.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 27:  A Nexus Cube is ...






Uh. How Do I Explain This?

A story from Tokyo is circulating that a gender bending performance artist may have served up a meal consisting of his own amputated private parts to willing participants.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mao Sugiyama is a painter that claims to be “asexual” and days after his 22nd birthday had a surgery to remove his genitals, and then he put the removed parts in a freezer for a later purpose.  That later purpose turns out to have been an event to raise awareness about “sexual minorities, x-gender, asexual people” where five paying diners consumed the cooked parts.  Sugiyama insists that not only is the story true, but that he followed all the laws pertaining to organ sales, processing of medical waste and having the parts certified free of infections.

Patrons each paid $250 for the event that consisted of a meal made up of Sugiyama’s “penis shaft, testicles and scrotal skin”, garnished with button mushrooms and parsley and portioned evenly for the five different people in attendance.  While only five people participated, pics from the event reveal that dozens showed to watch the meal which took place back in April, and been a viral story in Japan ever since.

Police decided to not arrest anyone or make press any charges because there are no laws in Japan about cannibalism.


Warning: Graphic Pic Below of Cooked Parts (looks like chicken)




















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The Karma of Calling In Sick When You’re Not

Michael Charles Mitty, 32, decided he would call in sick to work last week and, “stay home, play video games and drink,” as he described it.  Unfortunately he did way too little of the first part and way too much of the last.

Mitty was found inside a telemarketing business just after 7am by police after the company reported a burglary.  It seems that in the course of his video game filled day of hooky, Mitty consumed so much booze that he became “extremely intoxicated” and make the choice to go drive around in his car.  After doing that for a while he decided he was too drunk, and hungry, so he stopped randomly in the parking lot of the telemarketing business, found an unlocked door and entered.  Once inside he found a vending machine that he broke into to get something to eat, but in the process cut himself leaving blood all over his person and all over the conference room and a corner office he’d wandered into.

Mitty was arrested and charged with felony third-degree burglary, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

via Patch.com

Anti-Semitic Elmo

A man who regularly appears at the Central Park Zoo dressed as Elmo was arrested by NYPD yesterday in an ambulance after he launched into an anti-Semitic rant.

He has been making these rants against “the Jewish cops” and all sorts of Jewish conspiracies for the last few weeks.  He urges people to read “The International Jew” a series of anti-Semitic pamphlets released 90 years ago by Henry Ford, inventor and founder of Ford cars.  You can hear him in the video complaining about Jews harassing him about his costume and a people watching and commenting on his behavior.

The man was not arrested and taken to a nearby hospital for observation.


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Teen Fantasy Comes True – Mom Ruins It

Monday afternoon Besty Ann Brashear, 24, of Barlesville, OK was charged with lewd acts with a minor under the age of 16 after she was caught in a gym’s tanning booth semi-nude and kissing a teenaged boy.

The boy was at the gym with his mother who had spotted Brashear “flirting” with her son and asked that others keep an eye on the pair as she attended a class.  A man who was working out later alerted the mother that the boy had followed Brashear into the tanning booth.  The mother banged on the door of the booth and when it was open, Brashear was trying to hide inside but was found with only a sport bra on and the mother dragged her out into the room.

The boy’s version of events is that he was approached by Brashear to help spot her while she was lifting weights.  She then talked him into going into the tanning booth where she removed all of her clothes, minus the sports bra, and began to kiss him. That was when his mother interrupted.

Brashear insisted that there was nothing wrong with kissing the boy and denies that she’d taken off her clothes.  She was booked into jail, later released on $20,000 bond and told to not have any contact with anyone under the age of 18 that is not a family member.

via Newson6.com, NewsOK.com

Best. Mugshot. Ever?

Really, this Deltona, Florida man’s story isn’t all that interesting, but his mugshot is rather specatular.

Kelsey Smith was arrested with DUI and resisting arrest.  A stun gun had to be used on him, and a ‘spit hood’ put over his head to prevent him from, duh, spitting at his arresting officers.  He also didn’t want his mug shot taken so it took a couple of officers, with gloves, to hold him still for the Glamor Shot you see below.

Yes, It Happened In Florida.

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Crime Doesn’t Pay, But It Can Be Funny

We’ve all thought about sticking our hand into a vending machine to see if a product could be reached and pulled out of it, without paying, maybe even tried it.  A 17 year old San Diego teen tried to do just that with a Coke machine early Saturday morning and got stuck.  Real stuck.  Like, totally stuck.

The high school student attempted to put his whole arm up and into the receiving slot of the machine and got it wedged in there. How long the teen sat there, stuck, isn’t clear but he eventually was seen by someone who called police.  After attempts to find someone with a key failed, a trio of fire, rescue and police were unable to open the machine with a mix of crowbars and axes the big stuff – hydraulic cutters – were brought in along with rotary saws and air chisels finally freed the kid.

His injuries were very minor but the machine was destroyed.  The teen was arrested on charges of petty theft and will likely be responsible for the bill for the rescue services and the cost of the damages to the vending machine.

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