What’s Up With the Zombie Stuff?

After this past weekend’s face-earing incident in Miami, now there is a report from New Jersey of Wayne Carter, 43, who threw his own intestines at police.

Police were called to the home of Carter because he reportedly was threatening to hurt himself.  He’d barricaded the bedroom door and once police got entry into the room Carter was found holding 12 inch kitchen knife.  They asked him to drop it but Carter began to stab himself repeatedly in the chest and abdomen, the wounds began to expose his innards and as police approached to stop him Carter actually began to grab at, and throw, his intestines at the police.

Police retreated from the scene when pepper spray was unable to stop him, and a SWAT team was called in to final get the man under control.  Despite his injuries Carter is still alive, but in critical condition in a local hospital.  Police are unsure if drug, mental issues or a combination of the two lead to the incident.  But Carter has had run-ins with police before and has been taken to the hospital for psychiatric reasons in the past.


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