Isn’t She Lovely?

Meet Tiffany Pocock.  She’s 27 and lives in Bellevue, Ohio.

She’s also in jail with a self inflicted head wound.

Police were called to a home for a domestic dispute and when they arrived the found a male with a mark around his left eye, claiming the Pocock had hit him.  The also found Pocock’s car with a bottle of whiskey in the center console, and nearby Pocock herself in an obviously inebriated state.  She was placed under arrest and was being lead to the patrol car when she began to resist, fight and attempting to injure herself.  Complaining that she was going to “miss a meeting” she began to strike her head against the car door, and once placed inside the car, then bashed her head against the glass divider.  She continued to do so until she’d opened a pretty big gash in her head and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

While on the way to the ER, she topped off her night by spitting blood on the officer and nurse.

She was charged with OVI, driving under suspension and two counts of assault.

via Norwalk Reflector