Pranking the Teacher, 2012 Style

Carlos Eugene Cain Jr., 18, of Louisville and Devon Ewing,18, attend Doss High School in Louisville, KY.  Well, they did until the two schemed to shoot an up skirt video of a teacher and post it on YouTube.

Ewing and Cain worked together in class, one asking a teacher for some help with a paper, while the other took a cell phone video up her skirt while she bent over.  Cain then uploaded the video to YouTube and then made the next possible worse decision to tell others the link to see it.  Another student reported the video to school officials and the pair were confronted and admitted their prank.

The pair face felony charges of video voyeurism and expulsion from school.  “I think certainly, it’s disturbing that this teacher was violated this way,” said Lauren Roberts, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Public Schools. “Unfortunately, young people make rash and sometimes bad decisions and they will face the consequences for that.”  We’ve come a long way from putting a tack in the teacher’s chair.



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