The Catheter and the Clumsy Janitor

Back in 2009 Gregory Harry, already a quadriplegic, suffered an injury of untold pain.  His catheter was yanked out from him when a custodial worker tripped over the hose.

Harry, fitted with the catheter because of his condition was in the South Coast Medical Center when the janitor accidentally got tied up in the hose running from his penis to the catheter bag – causing “excruciating pain and trauma” and causing Harry to pass blood and tissue.  A nurse and doctor were unsuccessful in reinserting the tube and it wasn’t until a urologist arrived were they able to place the tube back into Harry, but not after lots of pain medication.

Harry is suing the Center for “excruciating pain and trauma, permanent injury and loss of functionality,” and the claim that his incontinence is now worse than before.  This most recent court appearance is actually a reversal of a lower courts dismissal.

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