iPod Body Art Looks Ouchie but Cool

Dave Hurban is a professional body modification artist and his latest “upgrade” to his person has grabbed the attention of the media.

He can now stick an iPod Nano straight to his wrist, no strap, lanyard or glue.  Nope, Dave is using four small magnets (icp: “how do they work?”) that he implanted into his wrist.  The result is a strapless watch, music player and whatever else those little devices are capable of these days.

The magnet/iPod combo is a strong enough combo that he can wear it without it falling off during jogging or a workout.  Its also is quite the conversation starter.

Hurban claims that this is not his “worst piercing” (we can all guess just how messed up his junk is), he just installed four 5mm micro-dermal anchors – according to Dave are “very common in body piercing” and wasn’t as painful as he expected.  No mention if the magnets can be removed at a later time without too much damage, or if he sticks to the refrigerator has he goes to get milk.  Obviously Dave does have a problem when Apple decides again to change the form factor of the Nano, which is now in its sixth generation, and almost never consistently been the same size from version to version.  Dave doesn’t care, he’s about the “now” and probably won’t change it to upgrade.

His reason for doing this? “The ultimate reasoning was that I just thought it would be cool.”

*warning* video is pretty graphic of the actual implant.

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