It Happened In Florida

Breakups can be ugly, and painful, especially after 18 years.

Thommy Whidden, 48, found this out the hard way Monday night in Naples, FL after breaking it off with his long time girlfriend, Angela Rhodes.

According to Rhodes son, Angela had started a fight with Whidden over the breakup.  He left the scene because he thought it was “just another spat”, but when he returned he found Whidden beaten and bloodied, laying in the street.  Turns out that this fight involved a sledgehammer, one that Rhodes used on Whidden.  Whidden was injured so badly he had to be airlifted to the hospital, with massive injuries to his head and face and is in the hospital in critical condition.

Friends call it a “crime of passion”.  You can see many of the players for yourself in the video report below.

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