A New “Best” Android Cometh

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Another six weeks, another “best Android” is about to reveal itself to the US shores.  (I use “best” loosely, there’s much that can be debated over which current model is the “best”)

In what is really the best and worst thing about Google’s Android being available from different manufactures is that something better is always just around the corner.  It wasn’t just a few weeks ago we were all drooling over the new Google Nexus, or the HTC One X (Gizmodo’s Fav Android of the moment) or in fact, it doesn’t seem that long ago we rubbed the Galaxy S II against our face for the first time.

Now the Galaxy S III is coming to America this summer and it looks to be a fine choice for anyone in the market.

Working with the new 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Cortex-A9 quad-core chip, a Gig of RAM and up to 64GB of internal storage and a very high definition-y 4.8″ 720×1280 Super OMLEG display pumping 306ppi (in comparison the iPhone 4s is 3.5″ at 960×640 at 326ppi) that is certain to be bright and beautiful.  The phone will work on 4G LTE systems and have as many as seven different internal sensors – including NFC (near field communication) and (gasp! for the weather nerd in me) a barometer!  Oh yes, a removal battery (which is still Android phones biggest advantage over an iPhone in my mind)

It will shoot 1080p from the back camera and the front facing will do 720p for your face chatting time.

Samsung, as does all manufactures, is rolling out some of their “improvements” to Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS.  Some of the cooler ones is the phone will vibrate and/or flash a LED when you pick it up after a missed call.  A new voice recognition called S-Voice which can complete actual tasks and S-Beam, a system that uses NFC for talking to and sharing info with other Galaxy S III owners.  (the video below mentions December, but it is pretty certain the LTE comes here in the summer)

If there’s been a knock on the phone in early reviews is that the materials used don’t always feel as up to snuff as other brands and Samsung has been plauged for sometime for having wonderful looking designs, but when you actually pick up the devices they leave you wishing they felt better made.  I have personally held a S III, but I can attest that other Samsung phones have always felt a bit plasticky in my hands.

The Galaxy S III is due to arrive this summer, but the HTC X is here now and a completely worthy alternative if you’re needed a new phone before then.



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