You Will Never Get Girls Doing This

Neil Geckle is a 19 year with a really twisted sense of humor.

Geckle allegedly picked girls via their Facebook pages, although all attend Radnor High School.  He then would copy pictures of the girls from their pages, masturbate to them, would then digitally edit them to include images of his ween, and then reposted the edited pics back onto the girl’s Facebook pages.  He did all of this under a fake Facebook account with the name, Matt Hemcher.

Police became aware of the crimes when four of the girls went to the police station in hysterics and could only completely explain what had happened to them when they showed the pictures to the police.  “I didn’t understand what they were talking about until one of them pulled out a picture,” police said. “As soon as we saw that, we knew we were dealing with something serious.”

Geckle turned himself in this week and told police he didn’t think “it was a big deal”, but in reality because some of the victims are under 18 he’d created and distributed child pornography.  He was charged with child pornography, designing obscene material and related offenses. He is still in jail after he couldn’t make his $100,000 bail.

To make all of this even more bizarre.  The computer Geckle used to for these crimes, was in his grandmother’s bedroom. found some background information about Geckle that is equally disturbing, or funny, depending on your sense of humor.  On Geckle’s Facebook page he posted that he, “Likes to come home and ‘relieve myself of the days stresses’ by looking at his Twi’lek bikini calendar.  Twi’lek are a race of aliens where the females are known to be over the top beautiful.

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