Aussie Hatfield and McCoys

Mark Jorgenson, 29, and hated neighbor Troy Thornton, 26, both of Syndey, Austrailia, were wounded in a legit battle between the two that went beyond fisticuffs.

A long brewing war between the neighboring families came to a head this week over bad driving in the neighborhood and overly loud music.  Reports are that Thornton went to the Jorgenson house with a chain saw and confronted Mark, who in turn, grabbed a samurai sword.  The blood-fest began.

Police and paramedics arrived to find a horrifically bloody scene.  One with Jorgenson’s arm almost completely severed and Thornton did have a finger chopped off.  While the Thornton family admits that Troy did wield the chainsaw it was in self defense from the Jorgenson family who was attacking him first with “bats and machetes”.

Police have cell phone video of the incident and are reviewing it.


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