Meet Oklahoma’s Best Mommy

Daiquiri Miller, 34, gave birth to her seventh child in late March, and promptly had the child taken out of her custody.

For the seventh time.

Miller is a known drug addict and prostitute.  She told authorities that she’d been using pot and cocaine throughout the pregnancy and the newborn tested positive for cocaine.  She even asked health services, “what took you so long”?  The sad news is that she is seven for seven on having her children taken from her because of neglect and abuse.

Dating back to 1997 when her first child was found with a broken leg to 2006 when she was arrested in a car smoking crack with a man and her four month old daughter in the car with her.  Seven of her children were fathered by four different men.   Somehow despite being arrested for prostitution multiple times and child abuse counts, she has not only avoided jail, she’s been able to procreate.  She is currently in jail and faces as much as life in prison.

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