Worst. Hot Oil Massage. Ever.

25 year old Shriya Patel is one hard core conniving woman.

Austin police repsonded to a Tuesday night call at an apartment complex where they found a naked man with burns over 70 percent of his body with skin falling off in several places and burns to his air passages.  He was transported to a local hospital and placed in a medically induced coma and is in stable condition.

He was able to tell police that his wife, the aforementioned Shriya, set him on fire.

His story was that he’d gotten into the bathtub expecting a hot oil massage.  The tub had candles light around it, and when he thought she’d started pouring on the oil he realized quickly that it was actually gasoline and that he was on fire.  Police report that the scene looks like she not only had locked the bathroom door (it appears the victim had to kick it down), but that smoke detectors and sprinkler heads had either been deactivated or wrapped in plastic to prevent them from going off.  Police also found a ten gallon gas can.

The couple had been married for a year, but the wife had only come stateside in the last seven days.  She told police he had set himself on fire and neighbors reported hearing a fight between the two earlier in the evening.   She is being held on a $500,000 bond and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and first degree felony arson.

Woman Charged with Lighting Husband on Fire: MyFoxAUSTIN.com

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