Worst. Flasher. Ever.

Michael Galvin probably should have thought more about how he wanted to expose his privates before he went and did it.

Last week Galvin was on the B-Line trolley in the Boston area when he was spotted by a 24 year old woman starting at her.  Making her uncomfortable she looked down to avoid his gaze only to see his junk and Galvin touching himself.  She screamed and tried to get other passengers notice, but no one else cared so she went into a self-described “She-Hulk” mode and pulled Galvin off the train.

Galvin tried to flee by the woman using one hand to restrain him and the other to “berate” him and called the cops.  Galvin was arrested with open and gross lewdness and gave police the explanation that the trolley was really crowded and the “jostling” of the car caused his shorts to fall off and he was unaware he was exposed.  He was released on his own recognizance and told to stay off the mass transit system.

The “She-Hulk” asked that her name not be released, but gave a press conference to several media members and expressed a lot of frustration over the fact that no one else on the trolley was willing to help her stopped the “creep”.



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