Can You Blow Up a Frozen Cow?

Hikers discovered a group of cows in Colorado cabin near Aspen.  Cows inside a cabin would be odd enough, but this group of cows met a sad fate that they all froze to death.

Literally.  Each cow is a frozen solid block of cow ice.

It seems the cows sought shelter from a winter storm and became stuck inside the unused cabin in the woods.  The cows come from a larger herd that went reported missing last fall.

The trek to the cabin is over eight miles, so transporting them is not possible.  Forest Service officials are trying to figure out how, and what to do with the frozen beasts.  Officials are in a hurry to make a decision because they can’t afford to have the cows thaw and begin to decompose and melt with the snow – running into a nearby hot spring.  Because of the amount of snow officials are not even clear on the number of cows they have to remove.

One idea has been to use explosives to break up the frozen cows, or even burn down the cabin with the cows inside,  but some are concerned over a fire hazard it could create.. Not to mention the mess.  Apparently the use of explosives on animal carcasses is not unheard of.  Rangers report it is practice used when an animal’s body can’t be moved, although this would be an extreme version.


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