Can You Love a Windows Phone? *updated*

*update* – upon the release of this phone there was a software glitch that AT&T had to push out as a fix.  They did so quickly, but to make nicey-nice, Nokia is offering up a $100 credit towards the AT&T bill.  That means you can get this phone for free until April 21st.

Additionally, since I wrote this post last week, I found this emulator/demo from Microsoft that shows you how Mango would look on your Android or iPhone.  It’s more of a guided tour, (follow the blue dot) but you get to see how nice the animations, transitions and graphic design that Mango gives you with the “tile structure”.  Check it out by clicking on this or typing in this – but you have to be on a mobile device for it to work…


The long awaited flagship Windows Mobile phone, the Lumina 900 is now on sale.  It’s generally receiving solid to great reviews.  The overall vibe is that Microsoft has a really awesome phone in its possession and an OS that really impresses, but most people may never experience it – or wonder if its too late.

Running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) it is the tile-based interface that I actually find very useful, smooth and different from the app-icon idea you see on Apple and Android phones.  The tiles are “live” – the images on them change to to provide real time information to the user.  The email icon updates with info about your inbox, the Facebook icon can instantly show you info from your account, the weather icon would give you a nice graphical representation of – duh – the weather.

I have seen Mango running a few different phones and always walk away from it impressed.  It doesn’t feel like a Windows product, and runs very smoothly.  The windows slide, shift with ease the animations/transitions from screen to screen are very nicely done.

The Nokia Lumina 900 is the best Windows Phone you can now buy.  It is their version of the Apple 4s or whatever Android is currently on top of that hill.  It doesn’t have processing equal to either of the best phones from the other OS’s and also lags behind in terms of video recording capability and some other specifications.  Windows Phones are also hampered by lagging far behind in terms of apps.  Only 70,000 compared to the iTunes App Store’s 750,000.

But, this flagship is only $99 and when you compare that to the prices of the previously mentioned flagship phones, it suddenly put a whole new group of consumers in line to be able to afford a top of the line phone they previously could not.  The question is now, even if – for argument’s sake – Mango was the very best OS available is Microsoft just too late to the party to carve out a real space in the pie to sell enough phones to make it a real business.

You can go get yours at AT&T and hook it up to their 4G LTE network for zippy connection speeds.  If you’re in the market it is definitely one to consider, especially if $99 is your price point.  It is a solid option compared to the iPhone or Android available at that same price.  Read up, educate yourself and make the purchase that best suits your needs.