Two Words: Masturbation Furniture

This is really story about mail fraud, identify theft and stolen credit cards, but it is what was purchased through these crimes what makes it special.

In a US District Court filing Yasir Mehmood, 40, was named last week in a 29 count criminal complaint charging him with these various crimes mentioned above.  It is alleged that Mehmood forwarded mail to himself, at home or a PO Box he had, and used all of the financial, ID, credit cards and other information to “obtain cash, goods and services”.

But two of Mehmood’s purchases stood out in the report.  On February 19, used the account of victim “Scott B” to purchase from Interactive LifeForms, the company that brings the world the Fleshlight.  (For those not in the know, a Fleshlight is a man’s masturbation device that looks like a flashlight with an opening that… well… you get it).  But Mehood didn’t buy a Fleshlight, but he did purchase two mounts for one.  The first, “One a Mission” is according to the website for, “for both hands-free pleasure and stamina training techniques”.  The second called, “Two Play” according to the site,  “delivers all the right angles for all the right positions,” and is a “perfect way to mount up by yourself or with a partner.”  The LifeForms website pours on the marketing with this description:

“If you’ve been wanting to try a Fleshlight Mount, but have been worried about how to justify buying ‘masturbation furniture,’ to your partner, then the Two-Play is answer.”

Both of the products were seized in a raid of Mehmood’s home last week.

via The Smoking Gun