The Naked, Bloody, Cross-Dressing Break-In

A Goodwill Store in Sherman, TX was on the unfortunate end of one man’s bizarre actions.

33-year old Adam Mabery, a registered sex offender recently released from prison in Houston seemingly lost his marbles after cutting his arms and head on broken glass at a local motel.  After injuring himself he walked down the road to where the Goodwill Store stands, broke in and went on an amazing rampage.

With blood pouring out of his different injuries Mabery begins naked, running through out the store, spraying his blood everywhere.  Eventually he picks out a red dress, a floppy hat and a purse and continues to rummage through the store all the while causing tremendous damage because he’s getting his blood on everything.  The video below shown in the news report is pretty outstanding.

Maybery ended up doing about $30,000 in damage between the property he broke, the cost of the hazmat team to clean up his blood and all of the donated items that he ruined that could not be salvaged because of him.