Finally, Share Enemies on Facebook

The University of Texas at Dallas has a wonderfully cool and exciting ciriculum called the emerging media and communications program.  There super smart, creative types have been cranking out all sorts of interesting new multimedia, but one in particular has grabbed the public’s eye.

EnemyGraph, presented by the program’s director Dean Terry and  built by grad students Bradley Griffith and Harrison Massey, is an app you can now add to your Facebook account and share pages, people and things that you “dislike”, or consider an enemy.  They use the term “enemy” loosely, not meant to encourage hate, but to help people bond over shared distastes.

Bradley Griffith (l) and Dean Terry (r), two very likable looking fellows













The app will also allow people to discuss topics, people or things they disagree about.  If I post in the app that I dislike Taylor Swift (which I oh so very do), but a friend using EnemyGraph has posted they like Swift, both of us will receive a “dissonance report” telling us of our opposing view and give us an opportunity to discuss it (and have it end up in a friendship ending hate-fest).

Facebook will not allow developers to create a true “dislike” button.  They want the room to be friendly (which we know already it can be anything but) and creates what Terry calls an enforced artificial culture of niceness.

EnemyGraph is an easy install.  Go to the site and follow the instructions and start announcing stuff you hate.