Is That a Meth Lab in Your Pants?

Last week a man was chased and arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after a routine traffic stop.

Why would you flee from such a small violation?  Because you have a meth lab in your pants.  Duh.

During the stop the officer noticed an odd chemical smell.  Upon asking the suspect about it, the man, David Williams, turn and ran.  When the officer caught up to him a struggle ensued and during the ruckus the contraption actually exploded.  The setup is called a “one-pot” lab, and is for the manufacture of only a very small amount of the drug.  The simple list of ingredients and parts: drain cleaner, lithium batteries and decongestants found in common cold medicines such as Sudafed.

Williams and the officer both were unharmed and the man was arrested and booked on a drug charge.



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Nike, “This is exactly how unfit you are”

update:  this is my original post about this product when announced back in January.  Its out now, but hard to find and receiving mixed reviews from the “meh” to “promising”.

Turns out that Terry has bought and is wearing one, so let’s keep tabs on Mr Jaymes and his new found device to fitness.


Hopefully Nike can pull off this product better than Jawbone did with their “Up” wristband.  That failure lead to a total recall of the product and refunds to people who didn’t even report having problems.

Yesterday Nike previewed the Nike+ Fuelband.  Their next step in an ongoing line of fitness monitoring products, which right now are all the rage.  Nike with their usual elegant design ramp up the cool factor with a very nicely embedded LED assembly that displays all sorts of information.  Plus you can track and store info on your iOS device, computer and yeah, share that info with all your friends that know your a fatass.

It tracks steps, calories, time and presents a total number in a Nike invented brand called “NikeFuel”.  That number is suppose to help you set goals and better track your overall successes and failures.  It’s a device you wear all day.  No mention if it has any sleep monitoring features or heart rate monitoring.  It’s on pre sale now for the lofty price of $150.


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Trust In Joss Whedon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film)

This is the week the long awaiting and anticipated movie The Avengers hits screens across the country.  It’s getting solid, if not rave, reviews and many a comic book loving fan is counting their lucky stars that one Joss Whedon was tapped to write and direct the movie.

So, who is Joss Whedon?  You can always go look at his IMDB or Wikipedia page, but the short of it is that he’s the guy that brought Buffy the Vampire Slayer to television.  But he also birth a cult favorite show for Fox back in 2002 called “FireFly.”  This was a space adventure show with a western tilt but it lived only for 11 episodes.  Fox screwed the pooch in canceling the show way too early and didn’t even air three of the produced episodes.  There was also a good, but not much watched, movie called “Serenity” (the name of the main ship in the series) and to this day fans are trying to find ways to get the show rebooted.

Whedon also did one of the ‘net’s most beloved web-series, “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” which was a three act play/musical that was distributed exclusively on the internet.  About an aspiring super villain, played by Neil Patrick Harris, the series was one of the first to showcase that content could be placed on the internet and find a real audience.

The point to this simply is that Whedon has a wonderful track record and if anyone was going to make The Avengers a summer blockbuster that could stand the test of time it’s him.

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This Is Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Teen in 2012

I was driving back from a out of office meeting today and listening to the replay of today’s Howard Stern show (something I’ve done a lot lately since getting a free trial of Sirius, and have a 1000 thoughts about Howard that probably aren’t of interest to anyone but me).  The show was talking to this kid,  who posted this insane video on YouTube.  You can watch it below.  It is NSFW (language), but with Howard there was a whole discussion about how kids today can do these types of things and suddenly be seen all over the world and have no idea of how it could impact them later in life.

Now, in this video this kid is ‘singing’ a song he made up about masterbating to girls he knows and their Facebook pictures.  It is wickedly funny simply because it’s so silly raw, graphic and downright creepy.  (“Lotion is my best friend” is my favorite line)  In the interview the kid told Howard while he was trying to be funny and make fun of internet lurkers and that it was supposed to be satire, but he understands that anyone might find it offensive and creepy.  He just didn’t want his mom to see it.

And that’s my point.  The kid, who btw already had another YouTube video – where he extemporaneously speaks about the reality of Super Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z – with over 4 million views, seemingly has no concept of who may or may not watch this thing.  He knows the girls in school will see it, but somehow, he’s only ‘worried’ that mom won’t see it.  Never mind the idea that Mr Job Interviewer, College Acceptance Person or Woman He Might Want to Marry in 2027 will happen upon this video and wonder just how fuck’d up he was in 2012.

I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was a teen.  I simply can not comprehend the trouble I would have created for myself if I’d had the internet, much less the ability to record and distribute videos worldwide (for free!).  When I add that to the insanity seen in the recently shut down and how many teens and 20somethings are willing to send the most sexually graphic images of themselves to be posted on Twitter – well, I really begin to feel a total sense of agreement with my wife on our decision not to have kids.  Good grief.

But damn, this video makes me laugh – a lot.  Some it though probably is nervous, self conscience laughter only because I can’t quite be assured I would not have done something as stupid as this if I was a teen in 2012.  Although in reality, what I most likely would have produced and distributed would have been closer to this famous video


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Worst. Hot Oil Massage. Ever.

25 year old Shriya Patel is one hard core conniving woman.

Austin police repsonded to a Tuesday night call at an apartment complex where they found a naked man with burns over 70 percent of his body with skin falling off in several places and burns to his air passages.  He was transported to a local hospital and placed in a medically induced coma and is in stable condition.

He was able to tell police that his wife, the aforementioned Shriya, set him on fire.

His story was that he’d gotten into the bathtub expecting a hot oil massage.  The tub had candles light around it, and when he thought she’d started pouring on the oil he realized quickly that it was actually gasoline and that he was on fire.  Police report that the scene looks like she not only had locked the bathroom door (it appears the victim had to kick it down), but that smoke detectors and sprinkler heads had either been deactivated or wrapped in plastic to prevent them from going off.  Police also found a ten gallon gas can.

The couple had been married for a year, but the wife had only come stateside in the last seven days.  She told police he had set himself on fire and neighbors reported hearing a fight between the two earlier in the evening.   She is being held on a $500,000 bond and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and first degree felony arson.

Woman Charged with Lighting Husband on Fire:

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Topless Tinkerbell Tat Gets Mom Booted From Legoland

This is a story that appeared in the Dallas Observer blog yesterday.  Driven largely by Lana Massey, the owner of the tattoo seen to the right (and according to her Facebook page a manager of a Gas Pipe – a long standing chain of Dallas area head shops)  and her claims that the manager of an area Legoland children’s park found her tat offensive enough to ask her to leave and receive a full refund.

You can read all the full details on the blog, but essentially Massey is claiming that she was discriminated against because of her looks.  While she insists that she was never told it was a specific tattoo that got her and her son booted, everyone agrees it was probably this one.

In Massey’s opinion there is nothing offensive about her tattoo – a rendering of Tinkerbell, topless and looks to be having a erotic moment with a light switch.  While the latter detail is more sublime, the former is out there for the world to see on Massey’s calf (ironically about the height of many children running around Legoland).  Massey claims that the manager is lying that others complained and that she was singled out and that she’s never been asked to leave from anywhere before.

Massey has several tattoos and is very proud of them.  You can go to her Facebook page where you can find that she has made this incident a personal crusade and has spent the last few days contacting local Dallas media for attention as she plans on suing Legoland.  There she has posted copies of emails from Legoland and gives further explanation to her side of the story.  She does find it perfectly ok to rant about the manager that kicked her out, as “Morbidly obese, she was just gross” and has friends that feel that anyone that would find that tat offensive at a child’s attraction are, “fat, twinkie eating, bible banging hypocrites” (peet: a look at it again this morning reveals that she appears to have edited out many of the postings about her story – probably on the advice from a lawyer).  She does also clearly state her objective, money, “We will be compensated, believe that!”

Interesting enough Massey does have a limit to what she would understand as offensive, “I could see if it was like a gaping vag or something like that, but I don’t have anything like that.”  She also claims that the tat is original artwork from the 1940’s, but Tinkerbell – the animated Disney version – didn’t come out until the 1950’s.

I have added this story mostly because of the highly ridiculous nature of the tattoo and the idea that showing it off at a children’s park is somehow “ok” in her mind.  I really admire tattoo culture and art, but this is where tattoo owners and I part.  I have a t-shirt I think is really funny, “Abortions Tickle” (with a illustration of a woman looking coy), but I never wear it because I know it will offend people.   But I also realize I am supplying her what she wants, attention, and that there are people that think she is in the right.  It is certainly an interesting discussion.

Fun With Guns – Part Two

Being accidentally shot by your boyfriend in a hunting accident is one thing.

Having him tell police that he shot you accidentally because he thought you were “a hog”, is another.

And that is what happened to 52 year old Lisa Simmons in Flagler County, FL on Saturday night.  Simmons and her boyfriend, Steve Egan, were camping out on a hunting trip when he claims he heard sounds outside the tent, he shot at what he told police was a hog in the woods.  He had shot earlier at a hog that got away, but he’d heard a sound and thought the hog had returned.  Not realizing Simmons had also left the tent, it turns out on a second shot struck her.  She is reported in critical condition at an area hospital and no charges have been filed on Egan.

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Fun with Guns – Part One

Michael L Deel and his wife, Michelle, were doing the proper gun owner thing – attending a firearm safety class.

But on Saturday the couple must not have gotten to the part about accidentally shooting – because that happened.  The instructor left the room and heard the sound of a gunshot only to return to the room to find Michael with a gunshot wound to the hand and his wife a wound to her leg.  Michael had accidentally fired the gun and a single bullet did the damage.  There were five other people in the room with the gun went off.  No one else was hurt.

Deel called the incident a “stupid accident”.  No word if he was given a failing grade for the class.

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Do Not Pee On The Train Track

Zachary McKee of Ossian, Indiana died over the weekend after a brutal electrocution from the 3rd rail of the Purple Line ‘L’ tracks in Evanston.

Late Sunday night McKee, a veteran who severed four years in the Marines, decided to climb down onto the tracks to relieve himself.  While it was first reported his electrocution was the result of him urinating onto the electrified 3rd rail, an investigation revealed that McKee actually fell onto the track suffering his fatal injuries.

His friends rushed to assist him and contact train officials but there wasn’t much that could be done for him.  McKee was in town attending a Cubs game and had tweeted not long before his death “There’s no stopping us now”.

The realities of the dangers of urinating onto the third rail have been long debated.  Mythbusters did an episode about this and found that it would unlikely cause death, but there have been reports over the years of people dying after doing exactly that.


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Prom Queen & the Fake Cancer Scam

Angie Gomez is only 19, but she’s got an early start in life on lying.

Gomez starting telling her friends that she was suffering from leukemia starting in January 2011 and only had six months to live.  She even established a charity foundation called, “Achieve the Dream” and eventually raised $17,000 in donations to her cause.  She told everyone that her illness caused her to miss her senior prom, so in June 2011 her high school held another in her honor making her the queen of that event.

In that same timeframe police were notified that Gomez may be faking the whole story and began an investigation.  She was finally arrested Friday at her place of work after a warrant was issued.  Her family and lawyer insist that Gomez did in fact suffer from the disease as a child and only wanted to raise money for other children with the same affliction.

Gomez was jailed and bond set for $50,000

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