James Cameron Goes Deep, Really Deep

Film maker and deep sea explorer, James Cameron became only the third person ever to dive to the deepest point on the Earth’s surface.  Going 35,756 feet into the Mariana Trench, off the coast of Guam, Cameron with all of his hi-tech gizmos was able to explore the bottom unlike anyone before him.

The dive, in the latest submersible which is designed not only to help Cameron withstand the 8 tons of pressure per square inch, but also get him to the bottom faster than ever before, took just about 2 and a half hours to arrive.  Cameron spent about six more hours exploring before releasing steel weights from the vehicle and shooting back to the surface in about 70 minutes.

No need for me to post a lot of stuff here when the National Geographic site has a litany of videos, interactive graphics and pics to enjoy.  But I will share a video from one of my favorite Cameron movies, which so very much is related to this project.  If you have never seen “The Abyss”, it is tremendous.  A movie flawed only in how movie execs screwed with Cameron over the ending, you should watch the Special Edition version to best get his vision.