A Great New Moment In History

Yesterday I noticed on the associated Facebook page for IveGotTheNews.net that it had achieved a special number of “likes”.


It was short lived as 667 and 668 clicked in, but I was lucky enough to screen grab the moment just by accident.

If you haven’t “liked” the Facebook page, you should.  In doing so each time I post a story to this site, a blurb of it is automatically posted to your newsfeed.  It makes it very easy to keep up with whats going on with the site, and even more importantly, easy to share these stories with friends and loved ones – like your mom.

The same is true for the twitter account as postings here are pushed there.  If you’re not following the twitter account, you should simply because I’m a pretty good tweeter.

And before you ask, the pic associated with the historic moment is what I put on the Facebook page’s new timeline cover.  It is a photo from the day that Taint and I boxed with the giant red gloves and I hit him in the face – real hard – and then suspended him (“take a few days off, we’ll call you when we need ya”).  That’s me with the wind up on the left just before the famed punch.

Links to both the Facebook page and Twitter account are at the top of this site.. go clicky!