Do Not Fondle the Dead

Brenda Shular-Cameron, 51, died Sunday of multiple organ failure, and her body taken to HH Birkenkamp Funeral Home.  There, unfortunately, her sex life continued.

Lawrence J Clement, who was a part time employee at the time Ms. Shular-Cameron’s body arrived, is accused of “fondling” her corpse as it was witnessed and reported by another employee.  The funeral home contacted Shular-Cameron’s family and told them about the incident, describing it as “mistreated”.  The funeral home allegedly also offered to forgo the $11,000 in funeral costs if the family didn’t contact the police. Obviously the family did contact the authorities and had the remains transferred to another funeral home.

The Birkenkamp funeral home is cooperating with police, but is now also under investigation by the Ohio Board of Emblamers and Funeral Directors (peet: that has to be the creepiest group of people, ever.  right?) and could have their license suspended.

Clement has been charged with abuse of a corpse, and it is unclear how often the unlicensed worker had contact with bodies or what he specific duty was at the home.

via The ToledoBlade