A PunchUp at Girls Soccer

For all of my non-soccer loving friends, this qualifies as an ejection (red card) in soccer.

Oh, and in real life – an assault charge.

I think it’s pretty obvious the defending girl barely, if at all, touches the girl dribbling.  I have to think that something transpired between the two of them earlier in the match.  I know when I finally get to pulling hair and punching in a soccer match, someone has really upset me.

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The Next Step After Rubbing Nose in Poop

76 year old Michael Stephen Stolz held police at bay for several hours this week in his Dallas area home.  Once he gave up he was arrested for the murder of his wife, Bernice.

Bernice’s employer began to worry about her after not reporting for work for several consecutive days and asked police to check on her.  When they arrived Stolz refused to let them in or answer questions, but they could smell a horrible odor emanating from the house.

The standoff latest five hours, and SWAT finally sent in a robot to scope out the scene where they found Mr Stolz laying unarmed on the ground and he surrendered without an incident.  They also found Bernice, dead on the kitchen floor with a gun shot to the head.

Stolz told police that he became very upset after the couple’s German Shepard pooped on floor.  It was a breaking point for Stolz who shot the offending dog, then the couple’s other dog (a Rottweiler) and then Bernice – who was screaming at the top of her lungs over his violence. Stolz told police he was going to also kill himself, but he’d “run out of bullets”.

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Go Cowboys…. AcK!

Jesse Joe Hernandez, child sex offender and murderer, was executed in Texas this week.

Just before getting his injection he blessed those in attendance and then made the Jones family proud with,

Go Cowboys!


He also spoke after the injection was given and taking hold, claiming, “I can feel it, taste it. It’s not bad.”  Of course it was bad enough it killed him seconds later.

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Where’s Benny?

It has been quite a while, months in fact, that friends and family have been looking for 78 year old Benny Scott.

His wife, Barbara, told people he’d gone to Oklahoma to visit relatives and then other stories.  But the one she wasn’t telling was that his remains were fertilizing her herb garden.

Yup, buried three feet underneath banana peppers, oregano, and basil was Benny who she claims to have found dead back in January after returning home one day.  Claiming that she suffered from impaired judgement due to medications she was taking at the time she decided to bury her husband then and there.  Neighbors tell that Benny suffered from a heart condition and Barbara is sure he died from natural causes.  An autopsy will reveal the cause of death, but for a while people have been wondering of his whereabouts.

The Oklahoma trip story held up because friends suspected that Benny didn’t like living in their current home, which also was across the street from Barbara’s daughter.  But when Benny family began to call from OK and were told that he couldn’t talk due to a throat aliment, they began to worry.  They called police.

Barbara has been charged with improper burial, but future charges could come after the autopsy.

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Is This Lazy or Ingenious?

Austrian Hans Url, 56, was unemployed and determined to stay that way.

Wanting to retain his government benefits, yet not having to put in any actual labor Url had a problem.  He learned that if he didn’t accept a job that was found for him, the government would drastically cut the money and other benefits given to him.  But if he psyically could not work…

…A plan was hatched.

On Monday, just after his wife and kid left home for the day and just hours before a scheduled medical examine tied to his benefit status, Url did the unthinkable.  He put his leg up into a electric table saw in his home and cut off his foot just above the ankle.  For good effect he then tossed the severed foot into a wood stove so it would burn and be unable to be re-attached.

But, Url could not control the bleeding.  He was forced to call an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital.  The foot was pulled from the fire but was ultimately too damaged to salvage.  He was transferred to a different hospital where he is in critical condition after almost bleeding out, but is expected to survive.

A person from the job center Url had been reporting to has stated that just because of the incident Url still faces the possibility of work.  Lacking a foot doesn’t mean you can’t work it seems.  “He will be assessed once he is out of hospital,”  Hermann Gossinger said,  “and we will see what work we can find for him.”

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Oh. Good. Grief.

Alicia Silverstone.  One of those Hollywood types has posted a video of, and publicly admitted to, feeding her baby like a bird.

Says Alicia, “It’s his favorite” way to eat, she writes in the post, “and mine.”

Please someone smother the two of them with a giant asbestos blanket.  She doesn’t realize she’s creating the next serial killer, does she?

(thnx @bensmithson for the tip)

The New Real iPad Problem

Everyone knows that Apple makes newer, better versions of products just about every 12 months.  That iPhone you bought last fall is likely going to seem dated come this fall, or sooner, when they reveal the iPhone5 (or whatever they decide to call it) because it will have 4G LTE (the icon will actually be telling the truth!) and probably some other new ‘gee-wiz’ functionality that the 4S just can’t muster.

Just like your 3GS or even iPhone4 is unable to power Siri the 4S is capable of.  Remember how pissed you were when they showed off Siri only to realized it was a device specific upgrade and not part of the upgrade to iOS5?  (yes, I know you can hack it to work).

With the iPad the generational thing has been a real issue for application developers.  The performance capabilities from the original iPad to the iPad2 to the New iPad are tremendous. I can personally tell you from my involvement in the luxury magazine FD Luxe’s iPad app, we faced a major issue when the iPad2 was released.  Then app is image based and the whole point to it was to show off the magazine’s amazing photographs on a tablet.  But the original iPad’s internally memory was half that of the iPad2 and when you develop an app for the the latter, the former struggles to keep up.  To get the most out of the iPad2 at the time, we had to rethink how it worked on an original iPad.  Of course it doesn’t help that Apple refuses to share information with developers before the devices are released, leaving them scrambling to make apps that can live up to the new device’s abilities.

Now you have the New iPad that has twice the internal memory as the iPad2 and four times the original, and that’s not even mentioning the massive uptick in processing power and that damned retina display.  So what developers are left with is either having to find new ways to serve data to a far weaker device (i.e.: re-developing the app), or leave it behind.    When Apple was showing off all the new iPhoto and other apps during their last presentation all I could think of is how poorly those apps will work, if it all, on an original iPad – a device most users bought less than two years ago.

Yesterday a friend told me about this new app, Tapose’, a creation born out of the old Microsoft Courier concept that once wow’d people with YouTube videos.  Promising folded dual screen designs and a user interface that blew people’s minds long before we had even heard of an iPad.  Of course it never saw the light of day.  Tapose’ is supposed to take that concept and bring it to the iPad, but when you read the user ratings you can immediately see that it’s massive size and power hungry needs currently hobble it’s ability to even show the tutorial on an original iPad.  Some report issues with the app on new iPads, so maybe their problems are larger than backwards compatibility. (see demo vid below)  This totally makes sense to me, and I feel for the app’s creators since they were probably 99% of the way done with their process when the New iPad was intro’d.  A whole new set of specs and standards for an app that hadn’t even made it into the store yet.

Additionally, the New iPad’s retina display is creating havoc for app developers.  If you want your apps to look their best on that screen, you have to at least double the resolution of all the graphics.  Not only is that a massive amount of time and money many never bargained for, it also creates a whole new set of issues on how you deliver that app and its super HD resolution to the device.  The users don’t care about this.  They just expect the thing to work, no matter if the app is free, 99 cents or more.  And from what users that spent $2.99 on this first pass of Tapose’ have found is that it doesn’t.

Two Words: Moldy Tampon

Yes, I know it might be the next great band name, but that isn’t the point.  Getting ready for bed last night the wife turned on the local ABC affiliate so we could begin our nightly ritual of watching the news with John McCaa and Gloria Campos.

The lead-in promo was starting and I was putting on my footy pajamas when I heard John McCaa say two words in the same sentence:

“moldy tampon”

The story was fairly interesting.  But I do have questions.

I don’t know much about tampons, other than the fact that their concept and their operation make me giggle like a 3rd grader.  But I think that I do know that you ladies normally don’t pull the cotton absorption portion from the plastic/cardboard device before implementing the tampon’s purpose in life.  Right?  I confirmed with my wife, who was equally mystified by this question: “How did this woman realize there was mold on the cotton part in the first place?”  Does she use an alternate tampon application method the same way some people eat OREOs differently from most?  Did she prematurely hit the eject button and it fell to the floor with its moldy grossness?  Did it smell funny out of the wrapper?  Ooo, did she smell the tampon first?

This is never answered in the report.  And thank goodness whatever her odd way of operating a Kotex ended up with her discovering this disturbing situation.

(ps, I have a secret crush on Gloria Campos.  I’ve watched her on Channel 8 for as long as I can remember, and now that my work shares a parking lot with her studio, sometimes I see her getting in her car and I debate if I should say hello or not.  She is my TV mom)


I Miss Public Music Judgement

I’m well aware that there is now a generation of kids that have grown up discovering music via YouTube, but it’s still a foreign idea to me.

The forgotten idea of going to a “record” store and sitting/standing and listening to records/CDs while there was my favorite pastime up until those brick & mortar stores evaporated several years ago.  So now, like everyone else, I am digging around the net looking for new tunes.  It can be a good experience, but for some reason it just doesn’t bring the romantic results that an outing to Sound Warehouse, Virgin Records, Peaches or my old local mom&pop, CD World used to.  Spotify has been an improving experience, although a strong argument can be made that Rdio and MOG are better services for the same price.

Yesterday on Facebook someone posted this video.  And via the power of YouTube I again was introduced to a singer/band I’d never heard of, but this video is a few minutes of awesome.  Of course that led me to her site and listening to her and her band’s stuff.  She’s a little Sheryl Crow (not that’s a bad thing), but I particularly enjoyed the background singing in the video.  Additionally the concept of the band making these videos while driving from gig to gig is a pretty good one too.

So what I know is that the new way to find bands is actually a better, more efficient way.  I don’t have to wear half operational headphones previously donned by who knows who, and be judged by passers by in the store as I tried out the new Phil Collins CD.  Now, I can listen to all the dad rock I want in the private confines of my own home.  I guess that’s better.  maybe.

Miss Canada Contestant Had a Ween

Jenna Talackova has been removed as a contestant for Miss Universe Canada after it was revealed she used to be a he.


“Jenna Talackova from Vancouver, British Columbia, will not compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition because she did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form,” the pageant organization said Friday in a statement. “We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best.”

It appears that at the age of 19 Talackova underwent gender reassignment and has been self identifying as a girl since the age of four. On her now private Twitter account she recently posted,  “I’m disqualified, however I’m not giving up. I’m not going to just let them disqualify me over discrimination.” When asked in 2010 how she identified herself in terms of gender, “I regard myself as a woman — with a history”, she replied.

The miss Universe Canada is a feeder contest for Donald Trumps Miss Universe pageant, and sadly the contest rules stipulate that contestants be, “…female and never have been married or pregnant.”

You can watch Talackova in a Miss International Queen pagent for transsexuals and transgenders below.  Fast forward to the 8 minute mark.

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