Big New Tech in Spain

The annual World Mobile Congress is underway and handheld manufactures from all over are showing off their crap.  Well, not Apple, but that is ok because when it comes to Windows and Android phones there is plenty to jam up your brain bandwidth.

Probably the biggest news is Nokia’s introduction of the 808 Pure View.  This is a phone with what amounts to a professional level camera inside.  Boasting a 41 megapixel sensor that is 4-10 times bigger than any other phone out today (the iPhone 4s has 8), and Carl Zeiss optics – this phone in theory can produce the kind of pics that a $3000 digital SLR can do.  They are also showing off software in the phone that really takes advantage of the resolution and how to creates smaller pics with a freaky level of detail.

HTC is mirroring Samsung’s “Galaxy” family idea and rolling out a line of phones called “One”.  There are three being shown off here, the “V” – meant for the broadest audience (i.e.: cheapest and least features), the “S” – the thinnest and smallest of the bunch and the flagship the, “X”.  This kid boast a big Quadcore 1.5Ghz Tegra 3 processor and 720HD 4.7″ display, Beats by Dre and will run on Ice Cream Sandwich – due soon on AT&T for a few hundred dollars.

The real oddity from the show so far is the new Samsung Galaxy Beam.  It’s a smartphone with a projector.  Yeah, you can shoot whatever movie, game or pics you want up to a 50″ HD image.  Now, I have no idea how you play a game on a handheld that you’re projecting onto a wall (I assume wireless controller), but I do already see pranks galore in our future.

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