Dangling a Kid Over a Pit Bull

22 year old Chavis Junior really is protective of his car and thinks youngsters should respect their elders.  Really.

But Junior is also a guy familiar with the law, owning at least 23 arrests for differing crimes: disorderly conduct, threatening a public official, starting a riot, drug charges, discharging a firearm in city limts, resisting arrest, assault and battery… just to name a few

So when a group of kids got too close to his beloved car, kicked dirt on it and then cursed at him – Junior was exactly the guy they didn’t want to do that to.  His response?  Chavis grabbed one of the kids and dangled him over a chained and “aggressive” pit bull.

The pit bull was only able to reach the shirt of the kid, and did not bite him. He held him over the dog long enough to make his point, but the police were called and Junior was charged with assault and battery of the 3rd degree.

He’s now in jail as it also turned out he also had outstanding bench warrants.

The kid, will never be the same.

via wbtv

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