Shouldn’t $6 Sex Acts Be Legal?

This fine, foxy lady, Misty Marie Kullman, needs a lesson in business.

Arrested in Shelby,NC for prostitution, Kullman was found to be performing the “blue light special” of sex acts.

After receiving a call about a suspicious car in a neighborhood, police found a man and woman in the car.  The man claimed he’d picked her up and they were riding around talking, but later admitted he had paid Kullman for a sex act.

For only $6.

What?  Is that a loss-leader or something?

In fact the man specified that he’d paid her with three $1 bills, some change and the ever insulting $2 bill.  A search of Kullman found those exact dominations.

While a statement was taken from the guy, he wasn’t charged and Kullman faces prostitution charges.

via Shelby


side note, doesn’t Kullman kinda look like Joakim Noah?

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