This Totally Happened in Florida

The lovely Jennifer Lee Collinsworth, of Creastview Crestview, was involved in a doozy of a domestic situation.

Taking her two daughters to the home of her estranged husband of ten years, she dropped the girls off, they got out of the car and the husband told the girls to “wait inside”.  Jennifer and her husband begin to argue over custody of the girls.  Jennifer asks that he come closer to the car so they can talk, but he refuses because he’s concerned she will try and run him over.  So she revved up the engine and tried to run him over anyway.

That’s when he called the cops.  But it doesn’t end there.

When deputies interviewed the two little girls they told them that they’d seen the whole thing and heard what their mom had said, specifically about their futures,

…”[the] 12-year-old daughter she would be pregnant by 16 and told her 7-year-old daughter she would grow up to be a stripper.”

We now have a new nominee for Mom of the Year!


via: NWFloridaDailyNews, MiamiNewTimes