People are Stupid, Part Two

Priti Mahalanobis, and let’s just get this out first, paid a psychic $135,899 in cash and prizes before she realized that she was being taken.


Mahalanobis shouldn’t be a person to be so stupid.  She is college educated and ran two different businesses, but with other issues going on in her life she turned to a place called the Meditation and Healing Center after she got a coupon for a $20 reading.

There she met someone calling herself “Mrs. Starr”, real name Peaches Stevens, proceeded to suck cash, credit cards, jewelry and other belongings from the woman who thought the following would actually work:

  • Putting $100 bills and the names of relatives, along with a grapefruit, under her mattress would help ward off evil and attract more money
  • Buying tabernacles at $19,000 each, seven of them, also to keep evil spirits and curses away from her family (what’s a tabernacle?)

Police finally caught up to Mrs Starr and arrested her and charged her with a felony of obtaining property by fraud.  Mahalanobis lost her Quizno’s sub franchise because of all of the losses and now is serving lunch at a school cafeteria.