Meet BamBam. She’ll Pound Your Nuts

Savannah Rios of Utah, has a nickname.

Bam-Bam.  She is now facing charges of kidnapping, robbery and sexual abuse.

The story is that she was confronted by a guy she had recently dated about her stealing some of his stuff.  Upon confronting her, she lead him to a back room where she pulled a knife, threatened him, slapped him several times and threatened to kill him.

She then told him to remove all his clothes, grabbed his belt and wrapped it around her hand and then punched him in the balls several times.

She had inflicted so much pain on the guy he pleaded for his life, then drove her to his house where she stole a collection of his stuff and then stabbed him with the knife.  She then ordered him to the band where he pulled a maximum amount allowed from his account via a ATM.

The victim was able to escape and ran to a nearby police station.  Cops were able to catch up to Rios and she was arrested and held on bail.


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