Man Didn’t Know Nail Was in His Brain

Dante Autullo is either crazy tough, incredibly stupid, super clumsy or just the luckiest guy in the world.

Autullo actually shot a 3 1/2 inch nail into his brain with a nail gun while working in his garage last week, and didn’t even realize it until the next morning when he awoke with nausea.

He says that while working with the tool he thought the nail had whizzed by his head, because when he looked at where the gun had come into contact with his head there was only a small wound.  He thought it was where the body of the gun had hit him, but in reality it was the entry point for the nail.

He looked for the nail to see where it had gone, but claims that there was so much other stuff on the floor of his garage he didn’t think twice about it.

The next day he felt terrible, and it took 36 hours before doctors decide to take an X-ray of his skull and the image you see here was revealed.

He survived the surgery to remove the nail with no problems and is expected to make a full recovery.


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