This Guy Eats Cats – Shocked?

Meet Russel Hofstad.

This handsome devil was arrested after breaking into a Phoenix area busniess where he was found to have caused a lot of damage to the interior. When cops found him he had paint on his face, looked like he was high on something, and the building’s walls had writing on them and all of the fire extinguishers had been used.

In the middle of the building there was a dead cat.  Next to the cat was clippers and a screw driver.  The cat’s body had been ripped apart and there were missing sections from the cat.

Police also noted that Hofstad was wearing different parts of that cat, and others, around his neck as jewelry.

Hofstad admitted to hitting the cat in the head with a stick, killing it and eating it since he hadn’t eaten in days.  He’d used a butter knife to skin the animal and admitted that he’d previously killed at least three other cats.

Hofstad is now facing charges of animal cruelty, burglary and criminal damage.


via phoenixnewtimes