Teaching Is A Good Way to Collect Panties

David Ettinger, 34, of Boston, is one bad man if all of these charges are true.

A popular grade school teacher, Ettinger is accused of not only owning a vast collection of child porn, but also creating it and posting it on a well known kiddie porn site, “Dreamboard”.  (peet: no, I won’t link to it you perv).  Police raided his home and found hundreds of images on his computer and a massive collection of little girl’s panties he’d stolen over the years from, “pools, locker rooms and changing areas,” said the local District Attorny.

Ettinger actually had achieved VIP status on the member-only site as someone that actually created his own videos and posted for others to see, and because of his level of activity.  They found a video of a 13 year old girl sleeping and Ettinger pulling her underwear back to reveal her genitals.  He told authorities that the girl is a daughter of a friend.

While there is no indications that any of his current or former students are his victims, parents are outraged and shocked.

He’s being held on $100,000 bail.  And his connection to the Dreamboard site will have him facing federal charges.

via Boston.com


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