Very Extreme BumFights

In Sarasota, 48 year old Ricky Leer is in jail charged with 2nd degree murder.

Leer, a homeless man, was out cooking steaks on a grill with others on Monday night when his victim accidentally knocked over the grill – throwing the steaks into the dirt and ruining the fire.

Leer responded by attacking the victim and “chopping off his head” with a machete-like knife.  The victim, who’s name hasn’t been released as police are attempting to find a next of kin, his body was found Tuesday at a homeless camp. Witnesses claim that Leer and the victim were regular adversaries.

Leer was later found at another campsite drinking rum.  He was arrested and is being held in the Sarasota jail.  Leer has previously spent jail time on robbery charges.


via Herald Tribune

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