The Wall Was 10ft For a Reason, Idiot

A would-be burglar decided that the best avenue to victimize a Seattle area home was to scale the 10ft wall that surrounded the back yard.

But Wednesday night at 9pm, once over the fence and dropping himself into the yard, he was greeted by the homeowners four pit bulls.

He was badly mauled and the commotion alerted the homeowner who came outside, probably allowed the attack to continue for a while, then called off the dogs. Because the man was injured so badly he could not walk, the resident put the guy on a hand truck and pulled his bleeding body to the street where he flagged down a passer by to call 9-11.

The man was treated for puncture wounds to his face, head, arms and torso.  And particularly extensive damage to an ear.

While the dogs were placed into quarantine, they are expected to be cleared and are part of any routine dog biting investigation.  The home owner is in a bit of trouble as city ordinance allows for only three dogs per home.


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